According to statistics, 65 percent of all people in the world want to start a business. However, before starting any business, you need an idea. An idea is the cornerstone of any business success. If you’re able to think up a good business idea, the business building stage will be much easier.

The big question, however, is: Where is the source of this online entrepreneur idea? Well, below is a comprehensive view of the 5 guides to formulating a great business idea:

Find a niche that you’re passionate about when looking for sources of online entrepreneur ideas

Any successful business person would tell you that a great business idea starts by choosing a field that you’re passionate about. It’s a substantiated fact that if you’re passionate about what you do, your business is more likely to take off faster and flourish. For example, if you’re a fashion enthusiast, you have greater odds of success if you start a fashion store. If you’re a travel enthusiast, why not launch a travel agency. That’s how great online entrepreneur ideas have been harnessed.

Discover your greatest frustration when it comes to choosing one of the best online entrepreneur ideas

Take quality time to think of your biggest frustration at the moment. After identifying your greatest frustration, take the time to think about an efficient solution to that problem. Once you do that, you’ve already come up with an online business idea. Some of today’s greatest online business ideas stemmed from addressing problems. It’s as simple as confronting a problem head on, figuring out the solution and implementing it. In short, the problems you’re able to solve are your greatest business ideas.

Projecting future challenges can be great online business ideas

If you want to be a successful business person, you need to think about future challenges. For example, fossil-based sources of fuel have so many downsides (greenhouse gas emission, global warming contribution, greater contribution to respiratory diseases) that it’s projected that green energy sources will rule the world in the future. You can get a great business idea from that. For instance, you can think of innovating cars powered by green sources of energy. A typical example is the electric car idea innovated by Elon Musk. He’s expected to rip big when the electric car craze kicks in. Elon Musk also projected humanity problems with regards to international money transfers and came up with the idea of PayPal. PayPal has since revolutionized the international money transfer market.

The greatest online business ideas today stemmed from prospective business people trying anything

A successful business person would tell you that a great business idea cannot come on a silver platter. Most successful businesspeople have tried out many things to come up with compelling business ideas. So you have to take the same path. Try anything. Don’t worry if you fail. Just continue on that path until you find one idea that offers the greatest possibilities for success. It’s a common trend to see people avoid starting businesses due to fear of failure. Failure is good because it gives you a platform to start on a new path to find success.

Brainstorm, travel or do something different to come up with great online business ideas

Most motivational books state that effective, innovative online entrepreneur ideas require high levels of creativity. High levels of creativity flourish on novelty and diversity. A very good idea might strike while brainstorming, while on an exotic location or while traveling. This is why you need to get out of your comfort zone and travel to destinations that will evoke those great online business ideas. New destinations, brainstorming, hiking, and traveling are just some of the things that evoke new business ideas. We recommend you to see ideas business here


Implementing all or some of these aspects will enable you to come up with a great idea that might shake the world, broaden your bottom-line and change the industry.